FireTecPro 19''

FireTecPro 19’’ unit view from aboveThe FireTecPro 19’’ offers the possibility to monitor smoke and fire in server cabinets. The 19” unit has 2 smoke detectors that work independently. When the first one detects smoke, a signal is sent to the user, so you will know immediately that something is wrong. When the second smoke detector is triggered, the fire will be extinguished instantaneously. These two actions can follow each other simultaneously. Basically, with early detection, warning messages and the electronic-friendly extinguishing agent, the damage will be limited, if any occurs at all.

You will not have to make any adjustments on the structural design of the building. You can put the FireTecPro 19’’ inside any particular cabinet that you wish, reducing the need to install pipes across the entire building. It is a compact device that is suitable for all IT rooms. As standard server cabinets of 19’’, the FireTecPro 19’’ is the perfect choice.

The FireTecPro 19’’ is made for places that are easy to reach which means that it must be a simple construction. Usually these are the ‘standard’ 19’’ server cabinets. With a more complicated construction, the FireTecPro Industrial is a solution. We will tell you more about this at the ‘FireTecPro Industrial‘ heading.

What extinguishing agent should I use with the FireTecPro 19’’?

The standard extinguishing agents are not always suitable for rooms with electrical hardware. Many extinguishers damage the electrical equipment. Therefore FireTecPro 19’’ works with the two extinguishing agents: FM-200 and Novec1230. These extinguishants are suitable for use around electrical devices due to their ability to be non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and focusing solely on the fire by using its chemical compounds to absorb the heat and cooling the fire at the same time. This will prevent unnecessary damage due to your extinguishing agent.

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