How important is your data stored on the network servers?

FireTecPro 19’’ unit view from above

The loss of data is the worst thing that can happen to a company. Most companies even store their back-up data in the same server cabinet. It is a well-known fact that a fire can occur because of the heat generated by the power supplies of servers and systems. The heat in modern IT cabinets can rise to pretty high temperatures. This makes it very important to have smoke and/or fire detected as soon as possible. With FireTecPro, you can detect smoke and extinguish a fire in a 19’’ cabinet within 10 seconds. We offer two different kind of fire detecting products: FireTecPro 19” and the FireTecPro Industrial.

The FireTecPro is a unique design that controls the risks of fire. It places fire protection exactly where it needs to be, near the operational system.

The biggest reason why we developed FireTecPro is because it is shocking how much companies suffer from a serious fire incident.

Research shows the following: 43% never re-open*

*NIVRE research

The fire will extinguish a lot faster due to the location inside the cabinet. Because, the space is of course a lot smaller inside a cabinet, then it is in a whole room. This helps to avoind unnecessary shutdowns. FireTecPro is easy to install, and it is possible to integrated in already existing fire security systems. It is active 24/7. We can install the ‘FireTecPro’ in any kind of cabinet.

One unit can hold up to 2 cylinders, suitable for protecting two cabinets next to each other with a maximum volume of 3,2 m³. With 1 cylinder, the unit can protect a cabinet up to 1,7 m³. Cabinets come in different widths and depths and to cover all sizes, we offer different pipe lengths to suit every kind of cabinet. Also, it is possible to connect the FireTecPro with the i-BOX so you can control and see the status of the FireTecPro in an IP network. For more information, see our menu ‘i-BOX option’.

Where do we design our products?

We produce the FireTecPro with great care and attention in our own factory. From the designing of the housing to the selecting of components within the “FireTecPro”, all decisions are carefully deliberated to meet our strict requirements. By choosing to order all the components for the FireTecPro from companies in the same city or neighbouring areas as our factory, we are reducing our carbon footprint by limiting CO2 emissions caused through transportation.