FireTecPro Industrial

The FireTecPro Industrial

The FireTecPro Industrial offers the option to monitor, detect and extinguish fires in hard to reach and even mobile places, and suits many spaces and situations. It is possible to monitor your most important and crucial hardware, monitor your data against heat, and help your company to prevent any fire hazards.

The FireTecPro offers the earliest possible accurate response to fire that is available on the market.

Fires usually start small but can spread rapidly. Risk assessment research shows that the following places are known for the creation of fire: switch cabinets, transformer rooms, meter boxes, generator rooms, UPS rooms, batteries, storage rooms with flammable substances, control boxes, server cabinets etc.

Should I use water to extinguish fire, with mine FireTecPro Industrial?

Water, carbon dioxide and powder extinguishers will damage or destroy sensitive electronics or even accelerate the fire. Making them even more damaging than the fire itself.

The FireTecPro is a modular system. It is possible to install the unit, fire detection, alert system and extinguishing separately. No adjustments in the structural design of the building is necessary, nor expensive certifications or high exploitation-costs. Most important is that the FireTecPro Industrial uses Novec1230 and FM-200. Novec1230 and FM-200 are non-conduvtive inert liquids, they are environmentally friendly and are harmless to humans and animals.

It leaves no residue at all. Novec1230 cools the fire hotspot and deprives the fire of oxygen. So, it fights the fire in two ways at the same time.

Due to the early detection, alert messaging and the use of the electronic component-friendly extinguishants in the FireTecPro Industrial, the damage to your hardware will be reduced dramatically.

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