The i-BOX is a product that keeps track of the environment. Many essential servers, network infrastructures and other business-critical assets are located within cabinets. All that equipment generates heat and hot spots can occur. It can measure the temperature between equipment providing early warning of a potential problem.

When you connect the i-BOX with the FireTecPro, you can have total control of your critical equipment. It also knows the status of the FireTecPro, and the surrounding environment 24/7.

You can always expand your i-BOX

The i-BOX works for FM-200, but also for Novec1230. It has a maximum of 12 ports, with those 12 ports you can monitor 12 FireTecPro units. It is also possible to combine the box with other kinds of sensors, like humidity or flood sensors. Those sensors are easy to monitor in a IP-network. It is also possible to monitor your FireTecPro units in this IP-network. This IP-network uses a ‘easy-to-use software’.

For the FireTecPro unit to connect with the i-BOX, an interface module must be installed inside the FireTecPro unit.

The i-BOX